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  1. Fayetteville Observer Times urges lawmakers to pass redistricting reform (10-12-13)

2.  Raleigh News and Observer story on series of public meetings that NC Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform will be holding to push for an end to gerrymandering.  (10-09-12)

2. Charlotte Observer – story on upcoming public meeting on ending gerrymandering in NC now (10-14-13)

3. Jefferson Post- commentary from Chris Fitzsimon about Coalition’s work (10-24-13)

4.  Wilmington Star News- story on the need to end gerrymandering is drawing opposite together. (10-26-13)

5.  Wilmington Star News EDITORIAL – touting the need to end gerrymandering   (10-29-13)

6. Raleigh News and Observer – Op-ed on the need for redistricting reform in NC (10-30-13)

7. WECT-TV  Wilmington, (10-30-13) coverage of End Gerrymandering Now public meeting in Wilmington

8. WWAY-TV Wilmington (10-30-13) coverage of End Gerrymandering Now public meeting in Wilmington

9. Rocky Mount Telegram (11-05-13)  editorial calling on lawmakers to pass redistricting reform in 2014

10.  Greensboro News & Record (11-07-13)  strong editorial calling for legislature to pass redistricting reform

11. Steve Ford (12-17-13) commentary on the Apex public meeting event. Mr. Ford is the former editorial page editor for the Raleigh News and Observer and attended the event.

12.News-Topic of Lenoir – 12/2014 – one in awhile legislators operate in the citizens’ interest

13. Rob Christensen column (Jan. 7, 2014) on the Coalition’s perseverance

14.Rob Christensen column (Feb. 8, 2014) how voters are no longer the legislators’ bosses

15. Carolina Journal (Feb. 17,2014) analysis says only 7% of this year’s legislative races are competitive and are a result of partisan redistricting

16.Davidson News. Net- (Feb 19, 2014) citizens meet to learn about nonpartisan redistricting

17. Fayetteville Observer Times urges North Carolina find a new nonpartisan method for redistricting 

18. Carolina Journal (Feb 27, 2014) NC redistricting needs strong criteria that create districts that represents the state

19. Charlotte Observer (Feb. 28, 2014)  North Carolina’s  congressional delegation doesn’t match the voters preferences because of gerrymandering

20.Raleigh News and Observer (March 3, 2014)- partisan gerrymandering creates too many uncontested seats

21 .Carolina Coast Online (March 5,2014) gerrymandering means voters have less choices on election day

22. ThinkProgress (March 5, 2014) former US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens suggests constitutional amendment to end partisan gerrymandering

23. Wilmington Star-News (March 10, 2014) partisan gerrymandering means voters have no choice in November in 46% of North Carolina’s legislative races

24.Winston-Salem Journal (March 11, 2014) time to end partisan gerrymandering and let citizens choose who represents them

25. Rob Christensen column (March 15, 2014) on how much North Carolina’s politics have changed

26. Greensboro News and Record (May 9, 2014)

27. Charlotte Observer (May 9, 2014) New push launched to end partisan redistricting -

28. Durham Herald (May 11,2014) Creating fairer districts-

29. WBTV ( May 8, 2014)- Plan to stop Gerrymandering-,

30. WRAL- Meeker, Vinroot lead push for nonpartisan redistricting -