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Local redistricting issues

Several bills have been introduced this year in the General Assembly that would reconstitute and/or redraw voting districts for school boards, county commissioners and city councils around the state.

In North Carolina, the legislature often has the authority to determine how and when local elections are held and how the voting districts for those elections are drawn.

We believe that anytime district lines are to be redrawn, whether it’s for the U.S. Congress or a local city council, there should be an impartial process in place that relies on strict criteria to determine how the new lines are drawn.

When politicians are able to draw district maps themselves, partisan politics is too often the determining factor in where electoral boundaries are placed. A fair, nonpartisan process for all levels of redistricting would result in more competitive districts and more accountability for elected officials.

Some of the local redistricting bills currently being considered in the General Assembly are:

At the state level, we’re supporting House Bill 92, which would create a nonpartisan process for redrawing the North Carolina’s legislative and congressional districts. The bill enjoys support from a majority of N.C. House members and would take effect after the 2020 census.

If you are concerned about local redistricting legislation in your area, know of public events or would like more information on nonpartisan redistricting, please call 919-833-0092 or email us here.