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Ending Gerrymandering Now is a project of the NC Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform.

This non partisan group of unlikely partners, ranging from NC Policy Watch to the John Locke Foundation, is united on one thing:

North Carolina must change how it does redistricting.

Chris Fitzsimon - NC Policy Watch

Chris Fitzsimon – NC Policy Watch

John Hood-  John Locke Foundation

John Hood-
John Locke Foundation

“Redistricting in North Carolina has allowed legislators to choose their voters rather than allowing voters to choose their legislators. The result is gridlock.”  (joint statement from Chris Fitzsimon & John Hood) 

The group favors non partisan redistricting that would stop lawmakers from drawing their own districts.The model for redistricting is found in Iowa. Maps are drawn on census criteria by a non partisan professional staff of the state legislature.

Redistricting reform legislation based on the Iowa model has been passed by the North Carolina State House in 2011 and reintroduced with a majority (61 members) of House lawmakers co sponsoring the bill in 2013.

Legislation has yet to pass both chambers