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Posted by on Nov 17, 2014

John Hood says gerrymandering played a role in election results

John Hood, Chairman of the conservative think tank, The John Locke Foundation, believes that we need an impartial, fair and nonpartisan process for redistricting in North Carolina.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his recent columns in the Winston-Salem Journal-

Finally, Democrats say they lost because of gerrymandering. This explanation, at least, has some truth to it, although it has no bearing on the Tillis-Hagan race. Favorable districts have clearly boosted the number of Republican victories for Congress and state legislature. Still, GOP candidates got 56 percent of the statewide vote for U.S. House and 54 percent for the General Assembly. They’d have won most of the seats in 2014, anyway. Again, keep in mind that the Republicans won the legislature in 2010 despite running in pro-Democratic districts. I’m all for redistricting reform, but Democrats need not be so fatalistic. If they had recruited stronger candidates in more districts and spent their money on a more effective message, they’d have done better.

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