Isn’t 202 years long enough?

30 Jul

By Larry King
In a past state senate race:
Party A candidates got 51,766 votes
Party B candidates got 50,164 votes

Party A won 11 seats, Party B won 29 seats (sound familiar?)

Party A: Federalists
Party B: Republican
The state: Massachusetts
The date: 1812
The governor: Elbridge Gerry

The birth of gerrymandering.

Isn’t 202 years long enough?

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One Response to “Isn’t 202 years long enough?”

  1. Dennis Burns August 15, 2014 at 9:07 am #

    This history reminder comes at a perfect time as the two NC legislative branches argue with each other and fail to address key issues(e.g., Medicaid,coal ash regulations) and the US Congress is off for a month! Can a citizen express their displeasure in this fall’s election since we live in a 50/50 “purple” state? Not if you live in one of 80 NC legislative districts with no choice or most of our Congressional districts when the incumbent has a 90% to win. We need to demand a new way to handle redistricting!

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